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Level Best Concrete Lifting is owned and operated out of Richmond, BC servicing Greater Vancouver. We provide concrete lifting and stabilization services based on the utilization of a specialized polyurethane injection system. The range of applications extends from residential concrete lifting, all the way to commercial and industrial stabilization.

High Density Polyurethane is the latest technological advancement in concrete raising. A two-part system, polyurethane addresses many of the issues of the other methods of concrete raising. The material is competitively priced, it’s strong, generating 6000+ lbs per square foot of lifting pressure, it’s lightweight at 4 lb per cubic foot, it does not break down or wash away, it’s environmentally inert and the holes drilled through the concrete to inject the material are only ⅝” in diameter (about the same as a penny) and disappear soon after patching.

For Level Best Concrete Lifting, operating the business is based on the basic principle of executing professional work that we can be proud of and always strive to find the best solution for our customers.


We will always strive to provide high value services to our customers for fair compensation.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of work possible.


Through the application of the newest technology, we are focused on delivering the most innovative solutions which results in the highest value for our customers.


We want all our customers to be extremely satisfied with the work we perform. Complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Repairing sunken concrete

through the decades

Repairing sunken concrete has been a concern for as long as concrete sidewalks have existed. Originally, sledgehammers were used to break up the sunken slabs before being carted away and replaced.

~ 1860

Some 150 years ago mud-jacking was invented and from then on liquid slurry was used to raise concrete with hydraulic pressure. This was a cost-effective alternative to rip & replace. The downsides were that it was a messy process and a short-term solution except in ideal conditions. The ‘mud’ was heavy at about 140 lb per cubic foot and added significant weight to already weak soil. Moreover, in areas of poor drainage, the material tended to breakdown and even wash away.

~ 1980

About forty years ago, some smart guy in Finland came up with the idea of using high density polyurethane to lift concrete slabs. He did the math around the expansion force created when the components are mixed and calculated (correctly) that just about any thickness of concrete slab could be raised up to and including 18” thick airport runways.

~ 2015

The high compressive strength of the material also meant that the cured polymer supports more than 7,000 lb per square foot. Considering that a 4” thick slab weighs 50 Lb per square foot, the only reason your concrete might settle again is if the soil underneath it continues to settle. Raising concrete with polyurethane is clean, fast, non-disruptive, long-lasting, environmentally responsible, and economical.

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