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Steps & stairs Concrete Lifting

in Greater Vancouver, BC

Do you have uneven or unlevelled concrete steps and stairs? Have you noticed cracks or separations in the concrete? If so, you may need exterior concrete lifting to restore your concrete steps and stairs. Concrete sinks and settles over time, and allowing them to go unrepaired can cause serious damage to your home.

Replacing a stair is an option, just not a very practical one. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary but replacement should always be the last resort. It’s expensive, disruptive, noisy, environmentally unfriendly, and can take up to two weeks or more.

Uneven or sloped steps or stairs not only look bad, but it creates a tripping hazard. If the concrete step is still intact, don’t waste your money on replacing the concrete. Level Best Concrete Lifting can raise your sunken steps or stairs allowing you to walk on it within an hour.

How did this happen

Sinking steps and stairs happen due to weak soils, poor compaction and drainage issues.


How we fix it

Level Best Concrete Lifting uses a high-density polyurethane foam to stabilize and concrete steps and stairs. The expanding properties of the two-part urethane formula allows for accurate leveling of the concrete. The result is a waterproof repair that’s much more permanent than mudjacking and other common concrete repair methods.