Concrete Lifting

industrial concrete lifting

Industrial Concrete Lifting

in Greater Vancouver, BC

When an industrial concrete surface is no longer providing safe, solid support due to settlement issues, prompt action is necessary before the problem gets worse. Before demolishing the concrete slab, consider the polyurethane foam injections, an innovative alternative to common concrete remediation methods like mudjacking, concrete grinding, and total concrete replacement.

Industrial warehouses and factories may not have the high traffic volume but if the slabs settle at the control joints, this can pose a serious safety hazard to forklift operators.

Level Best Concrete Lifting offers a proven solution to stabilize and level uneven concrete slabs in industrial applications such as warehouse floors.

How did this happen

Uneven levelling and other damage is likely due to changing ground conditions beneath the industrial concrete slabs. Factors like poor compaction or use of low-grade fill material may also cause erosion. The material is subject to expansion and contraction from a combination of moisture, temperature fluctuations, and even intruding tree roots. Industrial concrete slabs start to crack and the opening creates an entry point for more air and moisture, resulting in even more expansion and contraction underneath.

How we fix it

Level Best Concrete Lifting uses a high-density polyurethane foam to stabilize and lift sinking industrial concrete slabs. The expanding properties of the two-part urethane formula allows for accurate leveling of the slab. The result is a waterproof repair that’s much more permanent than mudjacking and other common concrete repair methods.