Leak Sealing

in Concrete
level best concrete leak sealing

Concrete Leak sealing

in Greater Vancouver, BC

An unusual and unusually effective application for Level Best Concrete Lifting’s expanding polyurethane material is as a concrete leak sealant.  With this simple and cost-effective fix, we coat the dirt-side face of the concrete with the material to seal the surface and prevent future leaks.

The polyurethane foam material can be used to invisibly seal leaking retaining walls, or repair basements leaks and underground parking garage leaks.

How did this happen

Building foundations have an impermeable membrane on their outer surface to prevent leaks. If the concrete cracks and if the membrane is breached, there is a chance of water leakage into the basement. Retaining walls can also crack and leak.


How we fix it

Our Concrete Leak Sealing works by spreading the expanding polymers across the opposite surface of the concrete and, due to its closed-cell structure and its strong adhesive bond has a decades-long working life.