Soil Densification

soil densification

Polyurethane Soil Densification

in Greater Vancouver, BC

Soil Densification or Soil Stabilization is a process of injecting specialized expanding polyurethane grouts to firm up and strengthen weak and/or shifting soils in order to gain superior strength to eliminate erosion or to allow higher load bearing capacity.

Weak/loose soils & eroding soils around and under structures will eventually undermine a structures’ foundation or worse, allow it to breach and possibly break and separate.  Once development begins on weak/loose soils, structural failure is almost certainly inevitable. Upon building a structure, these soils begin to slowly compact against the weight of the structure and sometimes they need help in supporting the newly introduced loads to eliminate settlement.

How did this happen

Poor compaction or composition, leaking pipes, inadequate drainage, excavations – these situations can lead to an unstable soil base and a decrease in the load bearing capacity of foundation soils.


How we fix it

As the polyurethane foam is injected, it expands and provides a compaction or lift force of up to 50 tons per square meter thereby filling, compressing and compacting adjacent soils and significantly increasing the load bearing capacity.