Void Filling

void filling polyurethane

Polyurethane Void Filling

in Greater Vancouver, BC

Our unique void filling process includes the controlled fill of a void using an expansive polymer injected through your concrete or from the side of the concrete. This process eliminates the area of washed out soils below the concrete while sealing any cracks in the concrete and sealing any storm drains that may have been leaking.

Our solution is effective in filling any void, regardless of its size, and can deal with much larger areas than conventional mudjacking. Whether your void problems are in commercial, residential, or industrial locations, Level Best Concrete Lifting has you covered.

How did this happen

Voids can occur for a variety of natural and manmade reasons, including water erosion, sink holes, tunneling and mining, and abandoned excavations and pipes.


How we fix it

Our technicians first use specialized equipment to detect the location and size of the void. Then, they proceed to fill the void by injecting polyurethane foams into the detected areas. The materials are injected under pressure and expand to fill the void.